As a listed global agriculture and food company, based on China's national conditions, with global superior farming areas in mind, Dakang Agriculture has distributed high-quality farming and food resources successively in New Zealand, Brazil, Burma, Laos and other countries.

 Making full use of China's rapid growing capital market, keeping industry-centric, market-oriented, capital-tied, Dakang Farming adopts a variety of ways such as mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, to complete its distribution of resources, brand, channels quickly. Centered on the Chinese market, based on Oceania, Dakang Farming keeps expanding business in Europe, America, Africa, striving to build a globally influential international, large-scale, integrated farming industrialization company.

Dakang Agriculture’s investment in Brazil has been sped up in recent years. In Aug. 2016, Dakang Agriculture made a move in Brazil, acquired Fiagril, one of Brazil’s largest agricultural trading platforms, formally started its strategic development of international grain trade. In Nov. 2017, Dakang Agriculture acquired Belagricola, a famous sales platform for means of production in Brazil, took nearly 7 million tons of Brazil’s grain resources, laid a good foundation for the Chinese market to collaborate with and participate in global grain trade. The joining of Fiagril and Bela has sped up Dakang Agriculture’s development in South America’s grain trade. The synergistic effect will further enhance the profitability and level of Dakang Agriculture’s grain trade.