Chairman: GE Junjie

In charge of overall company strategies and management

Prior to joining Dakang (2017) and Pengxin (end of 2016), Mr. GE has been working in Bright Food Group, one of the Top 3 food conglomerates in China, and its subsidiaries, for many years in the finance department as well as in the senior management team.

Past experiences:

1980 – 1992: Accountant, Assistant to Section Chief, Deputy Section Chief and Section Chief of Shanghai Tangjiu (current subsidiary of Bright Food Group) chronologically;

1992 – 2006: Finance Manager, Vice GM and GM of Shanghai Tangjiu Group (current subsidiary of Bright Food) chronologically;

2006 – 2016: VP of Bright Food Group and GM, President, Chairman of Shanghai Tangjiu Group concurrently;

2016 – present: Deputy Chairman of Pengxin Group;

2017 – present: Chairman of Dakang.

CEO:Shen Weiping
Responsible for the operation management and routine work of the company, in charge of the cross-border beef cattle project (Rui Li Penghe, Myanmar Conrad), live pig division (Bengbu Pengrui, Hunan old Dakang), Anxin Dairy and the New Zealand Dairy.

Master degree, EMBA, school of economics and management, Shanghai jiaotong university. 

Past experiences:

1998 – 2001: Assistant General Manager, Industry Manager and Deputy General Manager of Xinhai General Company, Shanghai Agricultural and Industrial Group; 

2001 – 2002: General Manager of Dongwang General Company of Shanghai Agricultural Industry and Commerce Group; 

2003 – 2015: General Manager, Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Shanghai Milk (Group) Co., Ltd.;

2015-2016: Director, Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co., Ltd.;

2016-2019.2: President of Tech-Bank Food Co., Ltd.

2019-Present: CEO of Dakang.

VP:Yin Haiping

Prior to joining Dakang (2015) and Pengxin (2012), Mr. YIN was the finance heads for many JVs and SOEs.

Past experiences:

2003 – 2012: CFO, GM in Logistics Department of Bright Dairy and Executive Director of Shanghai Speedfresh Logistics chronologically;

2012 – 2013: Deputy GM of Pengxin Diary (Precedent company of Theland Milk Shanghai);

2013 – 2015: Assistant to CFO of Bright Diary;

2015 – present: VP of Dakang.

VP:Richard Fan
In charge of Brazil Management Center

MBA of Webster University, USA.

Past experiences:

2004 – 2007: Deputy Director-General of Bulk Commodity Business Department, ANZ China;

2007 – 2013: Managing Director China of Energy and Natural Resources Department ,Societe Generale (China) Ltd;

2013 – 2017:  Managing Director China of Bulk Commodity Business Department,Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited;

2017 – present: Head of Brazil Management Center.

CFO:Gu Qin

MBA of Shanghai University Finance and Economics, Chinese CPA

Past experiences:

2001.1 – 2017.4: Senior Finance manager ,Texas Instruments;

2017 9– present: Deputy general manager and general manager of Finance Department of the company;

present: Finance Director of Dakang.