Set up a fund of love to help needy students

In order to build a harmonious labor relationship, advocate the spirit of mutual love and help, carry forward the traditional virtues and great love and help the employees in need, the Company&http://www.dkifa.com/#39;s "fund of love to help needy student" was formally set up on September 22. The "fund of love to help needy student" will cover all the subsidiaries and branches of the Company at home and abroad.

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New employees&http://www.dkifa.com/#39; training 

The Company  conducted the training for new employees on September 1, 2017. Through in-depth training on the Company&http://www.dkifa.com/#39;s strategic development, corporate culture, organizational construction and other related contents, the new employees could have a clearer understanding of the development history, support and future planning of the Company.

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Employee&http://www.dkifa.com/#39;s activities & Public welfare
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