Food Security

It is our mission to choose global high-quality food and lead a healthy life. We are committed to ensuring a stable food supply in China, reducing the environmental impacts and improving the living conditions of surrounding communities in a responsible manner, striving to co-exist and flourish with our society and environment and achieve sustainable development.

Food Loss Reduction

We constantly invest in agricultural production areas to help farmers increase production, build agricultural infrastructure, improve logistics and port conditions. Close to our grain production base in Brazil, we have built a granary with advanced equipment to prevent grain mildew and increase local farmers’ income.

Farmer Training

Dakang widely works with global planters and farmers to help them enhance productivity, increase economic income and improve living standards. At the same time, Dakang International Agriculture and Food will also win more reliable long-term suppliers and customers. Dakang International Agriculture and Food trains farmers to use chemical fertilizers scientifically and rationally, to reduce their environmental impacts.

Environment Sustainability

By working with a number of environmental organizations, we use energy and resources more rationally and reduce environmental impacts with the following management experience and methods.

The conservation of biological diversity
The recycling of solid waste
The sustainable use of natural resources
Water treatment and recycling in production
The use of an environmental pollution reduction system
Food Safety

Dakang promotes food safety and health
New Zealand has sound laws and regulations to ensure that all dairy products are safe for consumers and ensure that proper sustainable production practices are adopted. All dairy products must comply with the Animal Products Act 1999. All milk suppliers must comply with New Zealand Animal Welfare Standards. Moreover, hormones or growth promoters are forbidden.

Local Welfare

Dakang International Agriculture and Food fulfills its responsibilities as a corporate citizen everywhere and devotes itself to building a good corporate citizen image. As a global farming and food company with a sense of mission, when we develop in various regions, we focus on long-term goals and development, respect the local culture, strive to achieve harmonious coexistence with surrounding communities. This has won us the foundation for steady development. Fiagril, a subsidiary of Dakang, provides children and teenagers in surrounding communities with regular music and PE courses, as well as soccer schools, sponsors football matches in surrounding communities. In addition, Dakang also provides residents in surrounding communities with basic sports facilities